привет, я Бинны.

Обо мне

  • Я женщина


  • Я Английский


  • Я ем много суши


  • Я узнать Русский



2 thoughts on “Привет!

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  1. You have some errors here:
    Я английский is incorrect. Correct is: Я Англичанка(feminine noun). Английский is adjective “English”, but Англичанин(masculine)|Англичанка(feminine) is nationality.

    Я узнать русский is incorrect. Я знаю русский is correct. ЗНАТЬ – to know, regular verb of the 1st conjugation. Я ЗНАЮ – I know.

    Good luck! 🙂


  2. Thanks for the corrections! It is much appreciated. I can see why Я Англичанка is more suitable now.

    Can I just ask why Я узнать Русский is wrong though? Why should it be Я знаю instead? I’d just like to understand 🙂


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