Books! Libros! Книги! 

  • Yo soy comprando todos los libros
  • Я покупаю книги!

I love books! I use Apps a lot for language learning but nothing beats a good old fashioned reading and writing sessions.

I find Apps like Memrise and Duolingo great for learning vocabulary and phrases but when it comes to practicing a particular topic (for example grammar!) then pen and paper works for me – I have a notebook per language, with different sections for different things.

What I Study

  • Lessons – this is where I follow a particular book or books. I tend to do a lesson a day, and will write out information, notes on gender etc and complete any tasks.
  • Worksheets – I have a few books that are filled with Worksheets  (perfect for classroom use too) and I will do one of these lessons per day too. These are usually sentence structure related and involve filling the blanks (My mother is my father’s…wife) and some translations that use the new words in a variety of ways.
  • Grammar – next is a section on grammar. I don’t spend too long on grammar and I don’t have any specific grammar books as I feel that is not how native speakers learn. However when I come across new verbs I like or a particularly useful to me, I write them out and conjugate them so I gain several words for the price of one! Instead of only learning “to walk” I learn “I walk” “you walk” “they walk” etc – not only do I learn more words blocks this way but it constantly cements verb endings in my head.
  • Vocabulary – finally I have a small section at the back where I record any words outside lessons I come across that I like or find useful to me. These either words that are personal to me (e.g. cuidadora = carer) or words that can magically make my speaking and writing seem 10x better and more natural (e.g. pero = but. I like cake but I don’t like salad sounds better than I like cake. I don’t like salad.)

On top of this I also have several short story books (cuentos) to improve my reading comprehension and again introduce new words and grammar points I might not have encountered in lessons or via Apps

What are you favourite ways to learn languages? Do you use books, Apps or classes?

Binny xx


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